Modernisation in the retail sector

Re-opening of C&A’s underground car park

From floor to ceiling, everything is new. Following a comprehensive structural and technical modernisation, the car park beneath the C&A department store in Reutlingen’s Gartenstrasse was officially reopened by WÖHR + BAUER’s MD, Wolfgang Roeck, on Wednesday 11 September 2013. The multi-storey car park with 97 spaces was closed for four months to bring it in line with modern technological standards and significantly improve the ambience, using modern lighting technology and friendly colour design.

The WÖHR + BAUER specialists were facing quite a few challenges. Across four mezzanines, some of the open concrete walls of the 30-year old car park had to be completely removed and replaced. A contemporary design concept using bright colours and clear lines for walls and the floor surface was subsequently implemented. Of course, signage, barriers, safety and cashpoint technology were also upgraded at the same time.

The opening ceremony concludes the modernisation of the underground car park built in 1986 with a plaster and natural stone facade and glass panels. The store used by C&A has been owned by WÖHR + BAUER since 2011 and is opposite the Gartentor, Reutlingen’s historical landmark that marks the beginning of the pedestrian area and is only about 100 metres away from the town’s historic centre.

The people of Reutlingen and its surroundings use the commercial building as a department store; at the same time it serves as the old town’s central link to parking facilities. The parking guidance system leads motorists directly to the newly re-opened car park.