Investment incentive

Underground public car park

Urban development in the capital, Berlin

The foundation of Berlin’s urban development – directly beneath Alexanderstrasse, WÖHR + BAUER delivered a building project of almost monumental proportions. Under the wide space between Park Inn and [ … ], motorists find 650 parking spaces, organised in bright and clearly labelled parking bays on three levels.

The garage is a mega underground structure. Along a length of approx. 228 metres and a width of up to 45 metres, a sense of space was created by using as few pillars as possible. Despite the six-lane motorway that runs above the underground structure, a maximum span of 16 metres was achieved using state-of-the-art construction methods.

We are particularly proud of the fact that the underground car park has been designed to allow cars to access the neighbouring sites. Planning permission also exists for delivery traffic to access neighbouring buildings, which will be constructed over the next few decades, through our underground car park. So hundreds of cars will vanish underground, making way for a grand new avenue above ground. The car park is thus considered a strong incentive for new investments in the site.


Construction period: 2007 to 2010
Object size: 650 parking spaces
Volume: approx. €30m