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Fully automatic underground parking system, Munich

Creating space through technology – a 120m long conventional underground car park under the Donnersberger Strasse would have offered space for about 110 cars. However, following the completion of a fully automatic underground parking system, 284 residents can now park their cars there.

WÖHR + BAUER and the parking system experts of Otto Wöhr GmbH, implemented the innovative residential underground car park on behalf of the city of Munich, within a confined space in the densely populated district of Neuhausen, applying state-of-the-art technology. Four lifts sort the cars into a fully automatic underground system and retrieve them to one of the four access areas at the surface. This saves a lot of space and time searching for a parking spot.

To date, this fully automatic residential underground car park is unique in Germany. The local initiative ”Land der Ideen“ distinguished the car park as a ”Selected Landmark“.


Construction period: 2004 to 2006
Parking spaces: 284
Volume: approx. €9m
Parking technology: Wöhr Multiparker 740