The computing genius


Highly efficient office building, Landsberger Strasse, Munich

The property with the characteristic glass structure was one of the first large office buildings WÖHR + BAUER developed and delivered. Quite a successful premiere: In a national study the building was selected the most space-efficient commercial property.

Why? The answer is simple – WÖHR + BAUER planners calculated exactly how much space was required for a modern workplace with computer, desk and office chair. This was the result: A floor plan grid of 1.25 meters in the chosen building depth of 12.75 meters provides the greatest flexibility for individual, group, open-plan or combi-offices.

Linking our civil engineering skills and our specialised expertise in property is a good example of the interdisciplinary thinking in our company.

With a fine natural stone facade, atrium, two-storey glass structure on the upper floor and an extensive roof terrace, the building also meets highest aesthetic demands.


Construction period: 2000 to 2002
Object size: approx. 19,800m² floor space
Volume: approx. €40m
Architects: Weickenmeier, Kunz + Partner, Munich