Investment incentive in Bad Kreuznach


Retail and parking, Mannheimer Straße, Bad Kreuznach

With the property built by WÖHR + BAUER on the Holzhäuser area the entire neighbourhood benefits from an investment incentive. Quality-oriented retail and inner-city parking triggered a comprehensive revitalization of the middle part of Mannheimer Straße.

“We are proud to contribute to an upgrade of the middle part of Mannheimer Straße with this modern and attractive building”, explained project manager Gerhard Feuchtgruber from WÖHR + BAUER at the opening of the shopping center on April 13, 2016. The positive urbanistic impact of the project already showed when multi-million investments followed the commencement.

Apart from the chairwoman of the CDU Julia Klöckner also the Lord Mayor of Bad Kreuznach Dr. Heike Kaster-Meurer had followed the invitation to the opening. In her speech she praised the appealing architecture of the building. Instead of creating profane functionality the metal elements on the facade as well as the curvature spanning the corner of Mannheimer Straße and Baumgartenstraße delivered an exciting solution.

Once again the project demonstrates the passion for smart urban development of WÖHR + BAUER. In its special design the property serves as gatekeeper to the southern part of the city. The proven mix of retail and parking implements a hotspot at the southern end of the pedestrian area, which will significantly enliven the district. The high number of visitors in the food market just off the pedestrian area offers great potential for further retailers.

Designed by the Munich office Kupferschmidt Architekten the building impresses by its futuristic contours. Characteristic elements are the delicate metal facade and the large windows on the ground floor. On this ground floor of the four-story building visitors find a modern Rewe market, offering about 20,000 items in stock on about 2,000 square meters. Energetically highly efficient this market needs about 50 percent less energy than a standard market. The clear layout of the sales areas is connected with the car park by elevators and moving walkways. The Kreuznacher Beteiligungsgesellschaft BGK is operating the car park.


Completion: April 2016
Sales area: 2,000 sqm
Main tenant: REWE
Car park operator: Kreuznacher Beteiligungsgesellschaft BGK