As good as new

C&A Reutlingen

Retail redevelopment C&A Reutlingen

Held completely in white – from top to bottom: Reutlingen’s C&A fashion house was structurally and optically modernised by Wöhr+Bauer from the roof all the way down to the second basement in only 6-months of intensive treatment in the summer of 2013. The roughly 25-year old retail property in the city centre now received a completely renewed underground parking area, a new facade as well as a new roof, everything while running business as usual.

During the modernisation C&A was able to maintain its fashion sales without limitations. The completely modernised underground parking area was reopened after a construction period of 3 months only. Compliance to schedule was enormously important for the entire project, so that construction could be completed on time prior to the autumn/winter season.

The main renovation work was focused on the underground parking area with its 85 parking spaces that needed to undergo fundamental concrete repair as an examination of its structure had revealed. Once fire protection and safety engineering measures had been updated, the parking expert WÖHR + BAUER installed bright and clearly visible markings and lighting in proven premium quality.

Since its modernisation, cars can now remain in this friendly parking area round the clock and that at moderate prices.


Construction period: May-September 2013
Volume: approx. € 1 million
Services: Appraisal, concrete and electrical refurbishment, repainting, roof work
Location: Gartenstraße, Reutlingen