When something new is to be created, qualities of vision are in demand. Based on this core competency within the parking sector as well as with great pioneering spirit and innovative strength, managing director, Wolfgang Roeck, has turned the WÖHR + BAUER company into a developer for ambitious urban projects.

Together with his interdisciplinary team Roeck has established WÖHR + BAUER over a period of two decades as a renowned international specialist for property planning, development and marketing in urban areas.

Whether premium properties with luxury apartments, commercial real estate with or without business-oriented conception, parking garages or commercial buildings, or even everything together under one roof:

The WÖHR + BAUER team develops tailor-made concepts with passion and expertise and implements them reliably with maximum precision and impressive dynamics.

The result is a remarkable list of distinctions: The “Angerhof“ in the heart of Munich was nominated for the MIPIM Award in the Business Buildings category and, in 2010, the pertaining underground car park was rated the Republic’s best underground parking facility by the ADAC, while the fully automatic underground car park under Munich’s Donnersberger Strasse was distinguished by “Land der Ideen”, a local initiative.

WÖHR + BAUER recognizes the individuality of every location. The team intensively explores the property’s surrounding area at an early stage, both in terms of space and content. This is the only way to comprehensively determine and meet the various requirements of a project.

Deep roots in the local markets of Munich and Berlin form an exceptional basis for the high level of reliability that enables us to precisely implement ambitious projects in metropolises.

Our business philosophy is geared to sustainability and provides the foundation of a unique network. WÖHR + BAUER assumes responsibility to deliver real added value and focuses on communication and co-operation with all stakeholders, from property users, to official administrators and future neighbours.

Wolfgang Roeck, born in 1962, started his vocational career after having acquired his civil engineering degree at the Technical University of Munich at the renowned enterprise Bauer Spezialtiefbau GmbH with head office in Schrobenhausen.

There he pursued the standard company-internal career, from building construction via calculation all the way to the implementation of building projects. This way he was able to acquire the technical and economic know-how required for construction measures early on. He extended his expertise by obtaining a degree in real estate management from VWA Freiburg.

For sustainable success in real estate sales it is vital to be competent in other fields as well, above all in the ability to integrate in a team and to own the required social competence.

Despite the hectic dynamics of everyday business, the former first staff member of the newly created WÖHR + BAUER GmbH and today’s managing director attaches great value to team work within the enterprise.

Wolfgang Roeck is convinced: Trust between people can only develop through empathy and communication, and for real estate projects trust is vital to attain the best results for all stakeholders on basis of the given parameters.

In this respect the innovative entrepreneur likes to rely on traditional values: “We assure our business partners of our absolute loyalty, reliability and straightforwardness, also beyond the purely contractual scope.“ (Wolfgang Roeck)

As a project and property developer WÖHR + BAUER GmbH profits immensely from its various partners. The BAUER group is a civil engineering specialist with world-wide connections and more than 10,000 employees, generating an annual turnover of EUR 1.34 billion (2012). The parking garage expert, Otto Wöhr, has already created about 400,000 parking spaces world-wide over the past 50 years. With his holding company the real estate expert, Wolfgang Roeck, is the third associate.

Co-operation between Otto Wöhr GmbH and the BAUER group dates as far back as the 1980s, when both enterprises were constructing a high-tech underground car park and recognized that a co-operation would be benefitial for all parties involved.

From this project-based co-operation the independent WÖHR + BAUER corporation, managed by Wolfgang Roeck, developed in 1991. The enterprise first worked as special project developer for parking garages and on basis of this core competency evolved to the developer it is known as today, offering a diverse service portfolio and broad experience in various segments.

For WÖHR + BAUER non-profit commitment is an integral part of doing business in a responsibe way.

The design of the “32hektar” exhibition at Munich’s Angerhof is exemplary here. With a multi-media show focusing on the past and present of a city district, tolerance between cultures was brought up for discussion around the Jakobsplatz (www.32hektar.de).

Future-oriented urban development not only focuses on buildings. With the St.-Jakobsplatz Orchestra as meeting place for Jewish and non-Jewish musicians, WÖHR + BAUER supports a cultural project that promotes the dialogue between social groups.

WÖHR + BAUER also is, in particular, a promoter of the Technical University of Munich and supports social as well as cultural projects.