Property in outstanding city centre locations is a proven strength of WÖHR + BAUER.

To successfully develop an urban property in the face of many conflicting interests, WÖHR + BAUER utilises its years of experience, strong personal networks and the broad spectrum of expertise in our team. Our watchword is empathy, at every level from engineers, all the way to marketing! A well-known reference for premium property is the Angerhof building, planned and implemented by WÖHR + BAUER in 2008.

With this residential and commercial building in Munich, we succeeded in setting new European standards for contemporary luxury town houses. For many experts, the Angerhof characterises the style of its time in the premium segment. Behind the elegant terracotta facade and the front that glows at night, the Linde AG headquarters particularly convinces with its high-tech conference rooms and state-of-the-art offices, including resource-efficient heating and cooling ceilings. And as you would expect in any WÖHR + BAUER property, motorists enjoy a special comfort.

A car lift takes users directly to their office or penthouse. Further, the underground public car park, which provides 80% pillar-free parking, was named as Germany’s best garage in 2010 by ADAC, the German Automobile Club. Architecture and conceptual design also convinced the jury of MIPIM, Europe’s largest property show – the Angerhof was voted one of the world’s top three office properties in 2009.

Our new headquarters must meet the highest requirements with regard to all aspects – from architecture to spatial flexibility. With WÖHR + BAUER as developer, we have found a partner who has already proved that complex and technically challenging projects can be successfully implemented. We particularly value the expertise, dedication and speed that WÖHR + BAUER stands for.“ Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Reitzle, Chairman of the Board of Linde AG, Munich. Linde is the principal tenant at Angerhof.

Our mission is to design buildings that can be flexibly adapted to the needs of their users while offering the highest possible levels of efficiency.

To meet this objective, WÖHR + BAUER relies on an interdisciplinary team of trained engineers, architects and property managers when developing commercial property.

Only then is it possible to create spatial flexibility, large area efficiency and environmental sustainability. Tenants thus gain space, save costs and even increase the comfort for their employees.

The high Green Building standard of the WÖHR + BAUER projects illustrates how this win-win situation can be implemented in practice. Many conventional office dimensions do not meet modern working space requirements.

The dynamics of today’s markets require continuous adaptation of the organisation to both company tasks and customer needs. WÖHR + BAUER takes variable design options for office space into account from the very start. Examples of smart WÖHR + BAUER property projects are the Laimer Atrium and the H2O building in the Olympia Business Park in Munich.

Admittedly, for most people the particular appeal of underground parking is not in the underground structure itself, but rather in what it makes possible above ground: Avenues, green spaces, street cafés. If cars are underground, the area above is won back for the people. Intelligent parking solutions in our city centres are the pre-requisite of any urban development. Sophisticated parking solutions are today’s foundation for liveable cities of the future. Investors in Berlin are convinced – the underground parking at Alexanderplatz , with space for 650 cars, is the pre-requisite for the development of further property projects at this location.

In co-operation with BAUER AG’s civil engineering specialists, Otto Wöhr GmbH’s parking system experts and the car park specialists of WENZ+ADAM GmbH, the WÖHR + BAUER PARKING subsidiary can reliably implement even the most challenging projects. Even in small and medium-sized towns, parking is an ideal complement to retail uses of a building in any good city centre location. Given the growing parking problems in cities, it is good to know that there is a project developer who is also one of the best car park planners in the Republic.

How will a building be used? That question is the starting point of our planning. This phase begins by determining the requirements and processes of a company and includes understanding its corporate vision. A particular challenge here is the translation of the conceptual design to the structural implementation phase of a building project – translating your visions into reality.

As successfully demonstrated by WÖHR + BAUER with the Angerhof for the global Linde group and the Medical Competence Centre, a renowned clinic for reproductive medicine. Doctors, media specialists, IT businesses and many other industries have recognised the advantages of industry centres and business-related developments.

The heart of WÖHR + BAUER’s business beats in city centres. However, inner city locations throb with activity. This requires property here to be “refreshed” from time to time – conceptually or structurally.

The development of urban property is a passion of WÖHR + BAUER – this applies equally to existing properties. By combining our expertise we offer customised solutions to upgrade city property in the retail sector as underlined by the C&A branches in Bochum, Reutlingen and Rosenheim.